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-Yxisn5 Electronic Co.,Ltd was established in 2006 with a mission to deliver superb, innovative mobile phone accessories for the lastest cell phone and tablet and other consumer electronics in the market. 

-Yxisn5 is a leading manufacturer of cell phone accessories including travel charger/wall adapter, in-car charger, quick charger, wireless charger, USB cables and more. 

-Yxisn5 is unparalleled in the industry for its ability to provide quantity that does not compromise quality. All the processes from ideation of a product to its distribution, which include design, engineering and production, are all characterized by quality. 

-Yxisn5 aims to design and produce goods, that anticipate and interpret the needs of business to business customers and those of end users.

-Yxisn5 believes that the QUALITY and GOOD SERVICES are the soul of an enterprise.